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Custom Luxury Adventures for Active Gay Men

Curated Luxury Gay Travel for Active Men

Bear Adventures is your one-stop shop for all travel needs. We provide small group trips, custom
itineraries, and gay cruises for the single gay traveler, couples, bears, and bear-admirers. Select your
adventure type and let’s go!

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Why Travel With Us?

Curated Luxury Gay Travel for Active Men

Hey there, we’re Frank & Greg!

We’re husbands, partners in crime, and fun-loving travel experts who enjoy creating luxurious adventures for the intrepid bear. We found early on in our relationship that one of us loves the outdoors and adventure while the other wants to be pampered by the resort pool or on the beach. At Bear Adventures, we’re all about providing the best of both worlds.

Together we have visited over 51 countries and speak 6 languages. We have both done our fair amount of solo travel, and while that can be refreshing, it can also be intimidating and sometimes boring. We find traveling to be more enjoyable with a group of like-minded guys, who can enjoy a cocktail on a river cruise in the Okavango Delta as much as a thrilling zipline ride in the cloud forests of Costa Rica.

If this sounds like you then reach out and say hello. We’d love to have you along for the adventure! If a group trip isn’t your thing, then reach out and say hello! We’ll help you tailor-make your dream vacation. Either way, get ready for an epic journey that will leave you asking, “when is the next trip?”

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Client Experiences

    Alaska Group Cruise Experience

    “We recently booked a week-long cruise to Alaska for a group of 12 people, and the experience exceeded our expectations. Frank demonstrated exceptional professionalism, ensuring smooth coordination and communication throughout the entire process. From securing the best cruise deals to arranging seamless logistics, his expertise made our Alaskan adventure unforgettable, and we highly recommend their services for anyone looking to plan a group getaway. Not only that, he was able to connect us with an on-board expert and an exclusive excursion no one else had access to.” -Chris R, Eagle Mountain, UT

      Specialized Cruise Hard to Find; Very Easy to Book

      “Thank you helping us book a small, gay cruise in Croatia. You've made things very easy.” -Dan B, Los Angeles, CA-Chris R, Eagle Mountain, UT

        Relaxing Palm Springs Vacation

        “We absolutely enjoyed our recent all inclusive stay in Palm Springs. Bear Adventures connected us with just the right place. We had never been and never even heard of the resort that Frank suggested. But it was absolutely great! It was exactly what we needed. Relaxing balcony, beautiful trees right outside the window, great food, and a beautiful room with sofa and large king bed. Not only was the resort a relaxing experience but the staff was great too. You could tell that the staff was told ahead we were coming. We would book with Bear Adventures again anytime.” -Mary B, Surprise, AZ

          Great Alaskan Adventure

          “Frank, it is way past time for me to sincerely thank you for our GREAT Alaskan adventure. You did us a great service. Everything about the cruise went great. It was all worth it.” -Larry R, Rochester, NY

            Beautiful Mexican Cruise

            “Greg and Frank were super easy to work with. I had to have them make multiple changes for me and it was a piece of cake. Absolutely you should consider them for your next vacation.” -Zach B, Salt Lake City, UT

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            Curated Luxury Gay Travel for Active Men

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            Curated Luxury Gay Travel for Active Men

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            Curated Luxury Gay Travel for Active Men

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            Curated Luxury Gay Travel for Active Men

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            Curated Luxury Gay Travel for Active Men

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